General Contact Number: (530) 621-5567


El Dorado County businesses can e-file their Property Statements (571-L or 571-A) on-line quickly and easily using the new OBPF program!  To maximize efficiency, we strongly encourage business owners to satisfy their legal obligation to file through this program.  Some key benefits to this new program are:

  • The only year that necessitates the input of all business assets is the first year of utilizing this new program.  In all subsequent years, the prior year's filing information will be displayed when filing and only changes from the prior year will need to be reported.
  • E-filing replaces the need for a printed submission of the property statement and when you have submitted your online property statement, you will receive immediate confirmation.
  • You have the ability to print a copy of your completed property statement for your records and to upload any applicable attachments with your electronic filing submittal.
  • The format for the new OBPF filing program is very easy to follow, as the screens look very similar to a paper copy of the property statement.  Instructions are also available in the online portal.

Start your electronic property statement filing by following the green button link on the Assessor's home page (  To logon to the online filing portal, enter your assessment number, Business ID # (BIN), and your form ID.  An official request to file containing this login information is mailed to all eligible e-filers around the end of January of each year.

KEEP THE NOTICE IN A SAFE PLACE.  The (BIN) is a unique access code that is confidential and provides secure access to your property statement.  If a CPA, Agent, etc.… prepares your statement, you must provide the login information to them. Please note that the BIN changes annually.  If the notice is misplaced, please contact the Assessor's office at (530) 621-5716 so that a new BIN can be assigned and mailed to the address on file.