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Support Electric Vehicles (EV)

and Charging Infrastructure in El Dorado County 

Through successful competitive grant applications, AQMD has quadrupled the number of publicly available EV chargers in El Dorado County in just over a year.    AQMD is also working to update and increase the number of EV chargers at the Mosquito Park & Ride in Placerville and add additional chargers at several other locations.

 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Grant:

AQMD administers a grant program to help El Dorado County businesses install Level 2 EVSE in publicly accessible parking lots.  The grant will pay up to $5,000 per charger (per plug-in) to cover the cost of equipment and installation.  To learn more about this grant opportunity, visit AQMD's Grants and Incentive page at and look for the green EVSE parking sign. 

 NEW! CHarge At your Residence and Go Electric (CHARGE) Incentive:

AQMD has began accepting applications for the CHARGE incentive program which can provide up to a $300 incentive for the purchase of a Level 2 electric vehicle charger for your home.  Visit for details. 

 California Energy Commission (CEC) Grant:

AQMD was awarded a CEC Grant to fund six (6) Level 2 EV chargers at the County Government Center, Bldg B in Placerville (330 Fair Lane) and four (4) Level 2 EV chargers at the South Lake Tahoe Government Center (1360 Johnson Blvd).  After additional cost savings were realized, the project was expanded to 10 Level 2 chargers at Bldg B and the upgrade of an old paddle charger at Bldg C (2850 Fairlane Court, Placerville).  All 15 new chargers are currently operational and available at no cost to the public, 24 hours a day.  AQMD has since added two more Level 2 chargers on the upper level of the Placerville Bldg B parking lot; one of which is handicap accessible.

 Tribal Gaming Grant

AQMD applied for and was awarded a competitive Tribal Gaming Grant aimed at reducing impacts associated with the Red Hawk Casino in Shingle Springs.  AQMD worked with Red Hawk staff to install 10 Level 2 chargers in various places throughout the parking structure and for valet parking.  These chargers are active, currently free of charge, and available to the public, 24 hours a day.

 Congestion Management Air Quality (CMAQ) Grant:

AQMD applied for and was awarded a competitive $250,000 CMAQ grant to help fund the Drive Clean! electric vehicle (EV) incentive program.  Although CMAQ funding was initially approved for the Drive Clean! project, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) staff later determined the project was ineligible for federal funding.   

AQMD staff, along with County Fleet Manager Kent Taylor and Facilities Division staff, revised the project to focus on upgrading the County’s fleet by replacing end of service life vehicles with plug in hybrids and installing charging infrastructure at County facilities.  The project was approved by the El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) on 8/7/14.  Currently, plug in hybrid electric vehicles cost from $1,500 to $7,500 or more than comparable gasoline vehicles. Over the coming years these funds will be used to cover the incremental cost of replacing approximately 40 County vehicles.  It is anticipated that County departments will realize significant operational cost savings over the life of these EVs.

 Drive Clean! Vehicle Incentive

AQMD has funded the Drive Clean! EV incentive program with AB 2766 DMV motor vehicle emission reduction revenue, rather than CMAQ funds.  Drive Clean! provides $599 to County residents who purchase or lease a plug in vehicle.  Eligible applicants must obtain preapproval before purchasing or leasing the vehicle.  This project will reduce both vehicle emissions and traffic congestion in El Dorado County.  In the first year of availability, over 200 residents have received preapproval.  State rebates and Federal tax credits may also be available. Click here for more information and a Drive Clean! preapproval application.

 AB 2766 DMV Grant

Also with AB 2766 DMV funds, AQMD administers grants for other motor vehicle emission reduction projects such as the County Fair Shuttle, the Coloma river shuttle, sidewalks and bike trails.  A 2766 grant was awarded the City of Placerville to fund the installation of DC Fast Chargers within the City limits, and in the Meyers area.  AQMD is working to obtain donated chargers and determine appropriate locations for these chargers.

 Other EVSE

AQMD installed Level 2 Electric Vehicles Supply Equipment (EVSE) at the El Dorado Hills Library and is working to install some at the Cameron Park Library.  AQMD has installed several EVSE at County government buildings to support the County's electrified fleet.  AQMD worked with Chargepoint to locate El Dorado County's first two DC Fast Chargers in 2016. One is in the city parking structure next to Heavenly Village in South Lake Tahoe and the other is at Crystal View Shell Station in Pollock Pines. AQMD also worked with Crystal View Shell Station in Pollock Pines and Wine Country Chevron Station in Camino to install Level 2 Electric Vehicle Equipment Supply (EVSE) available to the public.

EVSE locations can be viewed at: CA Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit Streamlining Map ( or PlugShare - EV Charging Station Map - Find a place to charge your car! or EVhype - EV Charging Stations Map - Find a Public Charger

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