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Placerville, CA - California State Controller, Bettey T. Yee, has appointed El Dorado County Supervisor Shiva Frentzen to the Committee on County Tax Collecting Procedures. The State Controller instructs, advises and directs tax collectors as to their duties under the law. The State Controller consults with the members of the Committee prior to prescribing tax levying and collecting procedures. The Committee consists of ten members: two county auditors, four county tax collectors, two county tax assessors, and two county board of supervisors.

El Dorado County Auditor/Controller Joe Harn said, “I am glad that El Dorado County will have representation on the Advisory Committee on County Tax Collecting Procedures. I am sure that Supervisor Shiva Frentzen will represent our taxpayers, the Treasurer-Tax Collector, the Assessor, and I as the State Controller drafts administrative law related to tax collection.”

On being appointed to the Committee, El Dorado County Supervisor Shiva Frentzen said, “I’m honored by this appointment because I’m passionate about the financial stability of our government. I have consistently insisted on better budgeting and financial planning for local government boards on which I have served.”

El Dorado County Treasurer/Tax Collector C.L. Raffety congratulated Supervisor Frentzen on her appointment, “Shiva should be proud of her appointment in which she will represent El Dorado County to a very important State office.”

Supervisor Frentzen brings a wide array of experiences to the Committee which includes education in accounting and computer science, served as a board member for the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors and Cameron Park Community Services District, elected member on the California Local Agency Formation Commission and she has owned and operated her own information technology business for 16 years.

“With my participation on the Committee, I hope to contribute to the discussion of making tax collecting procedures more efficient and streamlined. I’m excited about serving the people of El Dorado County and the State of California in this new capacity,” said Supervisor Frentzen.