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Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee Meeting Dates Released Creighton Avila (530) 621-5153 2016-05-19 CAO

Placerville, CA — Throughout the summer the El Dorado County Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee will be meeting to discuss different topics regarding medical marijuana. The following are the dates and topics of the meetings:

  • June 20th – 1 pm to 3 pm – Cultivation (e.g. indoor, outdoor, and larger grows)
  • June 27th – 1 pm to 3 pm – Dispensaries, Transportation and Manufacturing
  • August 8th – 1 pm to 3 pm – Taxation
  • August 22nd – 1 pm to 3 pm – Compliance (e.g. issues with administering possible policies)
  • August 29th – 1 pm to 3 pm – Recreational Use

Each meeting will take place in the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors Meeting Room at 330 Fair Lane, Placerville in County Building A.

The committee is comprised of two members of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. The committee members will be collecting information at each of the meetings from different stakeholder groups, members of the public and County departments regarding each meeting topic (e.g. cultivation, compliance, etc.)

Members of stakeholder groups that would like to speak at one of the meetings are requested to email the County at the following email address: There will also be time available at each meeting for public comment.

Background Information on the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee
The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors created the ad hoc advisory committee at its March 15th , 2016 special meeting regarding medical marijuana. During the special meeting, the Board of Supervisors received an overview on the current medical marijuana laws and reports from County departments, stakeholder groups and the public on how medical marijuana policy decisions could affect them. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Board of Supervisors created the ad hoc Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee to collect more information on different medical marijuana topics (e.g. cultivation, dispensaries, compliance, etc.).

The County did not conduct meetings regarding medical marijuana in 2015 due to the major statutory overhauls undertaken by the State of California that resulted in the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), signed in October 2015 and amended in February 2016. The County decided to wait before pursuing updated medical marijuana ordinances to ensure that any updates were consistent with the new State laws and regulations.

At the first Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee meeting on May 2nd, the committee discussed the structure of the future meetings and future meeting dates. In addition, stakeholder groups and the public talked about their motivation for attending the committee meetings and what outcomes they are looking for in the process.