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El Dorado County Celebrates Multiple Project of the Year Awards Matt Smeltzer (530) 621-5912 2015-03-19 Community Development Agency

 Northside School Class I Bike Path received the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Sacramento Section’s 2014 Bikeways & Trails Project of the Year. El Dorado County Community Development Agency, Bike path Transportation Division (Transportation) staff partnered with the Community of Cool, El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) at almost every level, to make the project a reality. The project connects the Northside Elementary School, Cool Community Church, baseball and soccer fields, Auburn State Recreational Park, Cool Community business center, and Cool’s largest residential community along Highway 193, allowing the Community to be integrated and networked in a way seldom seen in rural areas. The bike path promotes a healthier lifestyle, a cleaner mode of transportation, and improved multi-modal transportation operations. Many people in the Community can be seen using the trail daily. The project is testament to the influence people have in their communities.

U.S. 50 El Dorado Hills Boulevard Interchange HOV Project, Phase 0, received the ASCE, Sacramento EDH Interchange Section’s 2014 Transportation Project of the Year Award.  Close coordination and teamwork between Transportation, Quincy Engineering, Inc., EDCTC, Caltrans, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers accelerated delivery of this project.  Without the continued communication between all parties involved, the project would not have been completed in the time allotted to capture the remaining funding from Proposition 1B.  The design package was developed within two and a half months and the construction contract awarded within six months.  The project reconstructed the north side of the interchange converting it from a tight diamond configuration to a modified loop off/on ramp configuration.  The end result combines two closely spaced intersections into one and improves overall traffic operations.  The El Dorado Hills Community benefits from reduced traffic congestion and traffic accidents by combining movements into a single intersection.


Green Valley Road at Tennessee Creek Bridge Replacement received the ASCE, Sacramento Section’s 2013Green Valley Tennessee Small Project of the Year Award and was then nominated for and received the Region 9 State of California, 2014 Small Project of the Year Award.  The project is located in Rescue and includes replacement of the bridge at Tennessee Creek, which was originally constructed in 1930, widening and realignment of Green Valley Road, including turn lanes, and a traffic signal at Green Valley Road and North Shingle Road.  Transportation worked closely with TRC Engineers, Caltrans Division of Local Assistance for funding, as well as local utility companies such as El Dorado Irrigation District for relocation of facilities.  With the completion of this project, a high accident area has been substantially improved.  There have been no reported accidents at this site since the completion of the project.