El Dorado County Announces El Dorado Best Rx Savings Program for All Residents~ All El Dorado County residents can participate regardless of age, income status ~2012-03-01CAO

El Dorado County today announced the El Dorado Best Rx Savings Program available free to all county residents, as well as residents of the Sacramento region. By using the card, residents will be able to save up to 75% off generic medications, with overall average savings more than 40% across brand and generic medications combined.

Obtaining an El Dorado Best Rx Savings Card is easy—it is free and no personal information is required. Tear-off brochures featuring two ready-to-use El Dorado Best Rx Savings Cards are being made available at various public locations throughout the county.

Residents can also print an El Dorado Best Rx Savings Card by visiting or may request one by calling 1-877-684-0032. TTY users may dial 711 for relay service. Information on the website is available in both English and Spanish, with multilingual service representatives available by calling the toll-free number.

Keenan & Associates is actively assisting with the promotion of the cards throughout the county, helping at the grass-roots level with community outreach, card distribution and program education.

There are no waiting periods to receive the El Dorado Best Rx Savings Card, no pre-existing condition restrictions, no membership fees and the card instantly activates. More than 60,000 pharmacies are participating nationwide. If the pharmacy’s usual and customary price is lower than the El Dorado Best Rx Savings Card price, the resident will pay the lower price. If a resident learns a pharmacy is not enrolled in the program, it can be enrolled quickly, so they are able to immediately take advantage of the discount. A 24-hour pharmacy helpline is available to assist with questions from the participant or to aid in pharmacy enrollment. The El Dorado Best Rx Savings Card website provides an easy-to-use pharmacy locator tool, as well as a drug pricing index that aids participants in finding the low-cost pharmacy in their neighborhood zip code.

El Dorado Best Rx Savings Cards are already available at county offices including Health & Human Services Agency offices (Public Health, Senior Centers), Veteran Services, and library branches. Cards will be made available at additional locations throughout the county in the near future.

No tax dollars are used to make the El Dorado Best Rx Savings Card available. A public-private partnership between El Dorado County and Envision Pharmaceutical Services (EPS) makes the discounts possible. EPS is a pharmacy benefits manager that secures discounts on prescription drugs, passing savings on to consumers. Participating pharmacies must agree to the negotiated prices. The program was approved in early November by the Board of Supervisors at the request of county supervisor John Knight.

“The El Dorado Best Rx Savings Card is free, convenient to use, and the bottom line is that it significantly reduce the cost of prescriptions for county residents,” he said.