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Board of Supervisors Releases Legislative Draft of County Ordinance Code for Public Review Jim Mitrisin (530) 621-5592 2014-07-21 BOS

(Placerville, CA) – The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors is pleased to make the Legislative Draft of the County Ordinance Code available for public review. The Legislative Draft is a strike-through and underlined version of the County Code showing all proposed clean up changes to current Code language and is provided for review and comment purposes only. Public comment may be addressed in this revision, or in the first supplement to the Code, or may not be incorporated.

"The Legislative Draft of the County Ordinance Code is the result of a review of over 1,000 pages of County Code for the purpose of modernization and readability" said Jim Mitrisin, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. The Draft includes updated Code references (state and federal), standardized terminology, and fee language as well as the removal of obsolete provisions.

To improve readability, the Code is split into two primary sections:

  • Part A – General Code of Ordinances
  • Part B – Land Development Code.

Part B of the Code will continue to be addressed in the Targeted General Plan Amendment (TGPA) and Zoning Ordinance Update (ZOU) processes, also known as the Land Use Policy Programmatic Update (LUPPU).

The Legislative Draft is available on the Board of Supervisors webpage. The comment period begins Friday, July 18, 2014 and ends Friday, August 22, 2014. Comments must be submitted in writing.

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The Board of Supervisors discussed the Ordinance Code Update project at its June 17th meeting. The video may be viewed via the Board’s video web page.

A hard-copy version of the Legislative Draft is available for viewing during normal business hours at the Board of Supervisor's Office, 330 Fair Lane, Placerville.