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(PLACERVILLE, CA) – El Dorado County will launch its updated website today, making a more modern, higher functioning, user-friendly information tool available to users. The new site is part of the County’s commitment to good governance outlined in its Strategic Plan, was part of the Board of Supervisor’s priority projects and reflects the needs of those looking for County-provided programs and services, information on how to do business with the County, emergency services, County departments, news, and more.

“Not only does the new website have a cleaner, more modern look and feel, but it has a much more robust functionality and provides more useful, real-time information,” said David Russell, the County’s Director of Information Technology.

The site’s homepage has images that capture the many different faces of El Dorado County, from a bustling downtown, tranquil nature settings and rustic wineries to a nod to its history and unmatched recreation opportunities. It includes quick reference to the Board of Supervisors and their districts, along with a search box that allows users to type their address to find out which Supervisorial district they live in, a real-time view of the County’s social media posts and press releases, and a continuously updated status map of the County’s roads, parks and trails. Finally, the homepage quick links to County resources, online services and popular links site-wide.

“People have come to expect more from their online experience, whether they’re visiting a government page or consumer page, including a higher level of functionality and aesthetics,” said County Administrator Don Ashton. “I believe this new website hits the mark and offers a more intuitive, satisfying online experience with the County.”

The new website has an improved search function for users who aren’t familiar with the contents of the website and it allows for easier access to online services and links that provide complementary services and information throughout the County. However, users may encounter a “file not found” error on some bookmarked or favorited pages due to site content remapping that improves the overall searchability of the website. If this occurs, users can either search for the page in the main Search El Dorado County bar at the top of the homepage or navigate through the site on their own.

The cost of the new site was $41,000 and included the consultant fee, redesign, development, and conversion of more than 10,000 pages of prior content. The website address remains



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