Carla Hass


(PLACERVILLE, CA) – As part of the redistricting process currently underway in El Dorado County, alternative maps under consideration for Board of Supervisors districts are now available for public viewing.

Following the August 19, 2021, release of census data for the redistricting effort, El Dorado County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) staff and the Redistricting Team finalized a system to display the data and for the drawing of new boundaries for each of the County’s five supervisorial districts. The Surveyor’s Office has created four maps, each of which meets the requirements for equal population distribution among the districts, as well as geographic contiguity, integrity of local communities of interest and cities, consideration of natural and man-made barriers, and compactness. These preliminary alternatives can be found at the County’s Redistricting web page under “Draft Maps”.

The public mapping application allows the public to provide comments on specific areas of the County and the map alternatives overall, and provides instructions for use. The public may also access and download data and the census files to create their own maps for consideration.

A review of map alternatives provided by the Redistricting Team as well as any submitted by the public will be provided at the next Redistricting public meeting, which is scheduled for October 14, 2021.

TThe U.S. Constitution requires a national census every 10 years, after which Congressional and state legislative district lines are redrawn to reflect changes in population. California law requires boards of supervisors to use the federal census data to redraw supervisorial districts.


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