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(PLACERVILLE, CA) -- The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors today unanimously approved the Fiscal Year 2019-20 Recommended Budget of $688 million to fund the County's programs and services for the coming year. $313 million of that amount is the County's general fund which primarily funds public safety and general government services.

The approved Recommended Budget fully funds the General Fund Contingency at $5.45 million to provide resources in the event of unforeseen fiscal issues; General Reserves at $9 million to provide resources in the event of significant emergency situations; and the Designation for Capital Projects reserves with an additional $5 million. If the County ends the current fiscal year with a higher-than-anticipated fund balance, the recommended priority will be to set aside those funds to offset CalPERS increases and/or OPEB liability in accordance with the Board's budgeting practice.

It is eight percent higher than last year's adopted budget while the General Fund allocation is six percent higher than last year's adopted budget.  The budget adds 7.05 full time employees to the County's staff of 1879.02.

In terms of the primary revenue sources to the County, the Recommended Budget projects $71 million in property taxes (a five percent increase from last year) and $12.8 million in sales tax revenue (a two percent increase from last year).

"Overall, this is a responsible, conservative, balanced budget," said Board Chair Sue Novasel as she thanked her fellow board members, staff and members of the public. "It allows the County to continue to serve its residents well for the coming year and set aside monies for future unfunded costs, with a critical eye toward a more lean future."

The final budget will be adopted in September, in accordance with state law. The Recommended Budget can be found here. Today's presentation to the Board can be found here.





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