The El Dorado County Air Quality Management District (AQMD) works to improve air quality and quality of life for El Dorado County residents


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​​Staff Members / Org Chart

Rania Serieh

Interim Air Pollution Control Officer
Sr. Air Quality Engineer
(Permits, New Projects, Grants, CEQA, Rules)
(530) 621-7509

Lisa Petersen
Air Quality Engineer
(Permits, Air Toxics, Enforcement, CEQA)
(530) 621-7574

Cory Gutierrez
Air Quality Engineer 

(Permits, Air Toxics, Enforcement, CEQA) 

(530) 621-7571

Candice Thomas
Sr. Air Quality Specialist
(530) 621-7507

Kayley Stagnaro

Air Quality Specialist 
(530) 621-7508

Alexander Brooks

Air Quality Specialist I
(530) 621-7581

Scott Wilson 

Program Manager

(Fiscal Administration/Budget/Accounts Payable/Contracts/Grants/Procurement) 

(530) 621-7554

Michelle Drehobl
Air Quality Technician I
(Customer Service/Permit Intake/Accounts Receivable)
(530) 621-7503

Organization Chart AQMD FY23-24 w interim APCO Rania 2-5-24.png

Thank you for working with us to improve air quality